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Truth cannot be discovered through our beliefs about it.  True Spirituality is discovered from within our direct experience.  When we truly touch in on this divine love from an experiential place, it is known that all are whole and complete and are loved just as they are with no conditions attached.

This has been misunderstood within religion and has failed to convey the true message of Master’s that have gone before us.  It is up to us to question what we have been told, instead of blindly believing what someone else is teaching.  The answers are within us and anyone can access this truth.  A true teacher of truth would not be telling you what to believe.  They would be pointing you back to yourself so that you can go within and discover truth for yourself.  They would not want you to take their word for it or anyone else’s words as truth.  Truth is experiential. 

We are the way the truth and the life and we have to walk our own journey.  It is not up to someone else to walk the journey for us and tell us what to believe, nor is it true we need a saviour to save us.  We are all divine expressions of God learning and growing in all our human messiness.  Life is not about being perfect.  It is about learning, growing and realising the truth for ourself and living as that.

I hope this speaks to those who are stuck in some belief, that they are not good enough, or have to somehow atone for their ‘sins’. This is NOT the truth. 

I know that when I was in Christianity it was taught that Jesus came to save us from our sins. In order for you to be saved you had to say a sinners prayer repenting of your sins, and believe that Jesus had died on the cross for you.  This was finished by accepting him as your Lord and saviour and was taught that by accepting Jesus as your atonement that this would make you acceptable and blameless in God’s presence, therefore allowing you to enter heaven.  If one had not said this prayer before they took their last breath that would mean eternal damnation for them, but Love just does not work this way and when you know and awaken to this divine love you see and know this clearly.

It is beautiful to have a relationship with God, Jesus, the Divine or whatever you feel you relate to most but we can do this freely without conditions or expectations attached. 

Perfect love casts out fear, it has no agenda and it accepts all as they are.  God is not a God of polarisation of good and evil.  This idea comes from the mind of separation.  Love does not divide, condemn or place conditions on anyone nor does it have any need for forgiveness. It sees through the eyes of compassion and understanding like a parent would their own child.

by Kimberlie | 15th March, 2022