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Love or Fear

Are we choosing love or are we choosing fear?

Where are we meeting the world from right now. Is it from fear and judgment or is it from our sovereign loving self.  As we gently bring our attention back inwards we can notice where we are living from and make the necessary adjustments as we become more conscious.

There is this amazing gift right in-front of us. An opportunity for spiritual practice that can take us deeper, higher and shine brighter than ever before.  There is a responsibility being asked of us and it is much more than any earthly circumstance.  More than anything right now the world needs us to rise to the occasion and take responsibility for our inner world.

Are we going to choose fear & judgment and add to more division or are we going to choose love and unite together.

There is a field beyond right and wrong. Meet me there. ~ Rumi

As we drop into this undivided heart space we live free of fear and judgment and we end this illness of separation and division.

Perfect love casts out fear and it is from this place that we are able to let others be themselves even if their truth does not align with our truth.

This is freedom, this is love and this is truth!

Let’s rise!

by Kimberlie | 30 August, 2021