Conscious Living Jewel


“Love your enemies” is what Jesus said and this teaching was not a behaviour modification but a change of heart; an inner transformation.  He spoke as Love and of love and was full of compassion for the human condition that we all face where we feel disconnected and separate to others and to the world.  The prodigal son is a beautiful story and example of how we disconnect from ourself ‘the father’ within and go searching in the world, forgetting who we really are looking for the world to fulfill us. This includes a God and a saviour outside of us. It is not until we exhaust ourself and reach a point of surrender and realise that what we have been looking for is not in the world or something ‘external’ to us but is within us and we return home to our true Self ‘the father’ within.

There have been times in the past where in hindsight I realised that the judgment I thought others had of me was actually a judgment that I had of them.  I was projecting the way I felt about myself onto them.

I would have loved to go into blame and make someone else responsible for how I felt but as I have grown up through my own healing journey I have been able to take responsibility for myself and go from living as a victim to living empowered.

As we learn to take responsibility for ourself we heal our inner child and are able to finally grow up and reconnect to the ‘father within’ once again.  The non-judgmental undivided Self that we all are. We are transformed from the mind of separation that divides the world into good or bad, saved or unsaved to the mind of Christ, “do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. We change from victim to victor from division to unity and it is from this place that we live from union and can have love and compassion for ourself and for others.

There are those who have gone before us that have shone a light and paved a new way until we can be that light and strength unto ourself.  am most grateful for these courageous Beings who have helped myself and others to heal and to grow through unconditional love and real life teaching, living as an embodiment of love.  An example that freedom is not through a scapegoat, but it is through taking responsibility for our self. 

We are our own answer, our own saviour, we are the doorway that leads to life and life more abundantly. We are the way the truth and the life. This is what Jesus meant when he spoke these words. He was speaking about who we really are and he spoke from a living realised experience of who he really was, not as the man Jesus. I think this is where a lot of what Jesus said has been misunderstood because if we have not realised something for ourself we cannot understand. We don’t have the eyes to see where something is being spoken from and so we try to understand it from our limited mind and this truth cannot be understood from the minds perspective. It transcends the mind and our belief systems.

The Heaven that Jesus spoke of is within us and it is available to us now, we don’t have to wait until we die to find it. It is here in plain sight and like Jesus said, ‘unless we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear we shall not enter the kingdom’. It takes courage and humility because we have to be willing to lose our life and give up everything that we thought was true.  It is the narrow way because not many want to give up their life (identity in the world).   All our belief systems have to go. Truth cannot be believed it can only be realised and lived.

by Kimberlie | 29th May, 2021