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Seeking Truth

We are all seeking truth whether we realise it or not and for some that looks like religion.  Christianity was part of my journey for a while and while I have very different views to traditional Christianity these days it was a stage of my truth journey.

When we genuinely want to know truth at all costs we will be asked to die to all that we have previously known. Life will continuously ask us to let go of old ideas and beliefs because truth cannot be grasped or found in our beliefs and concepts about it.  It is beyond the mind and time.

I use to focus on a Heaven ‘out there’ and where I would end up when I died. Whether I would be saved or suffer for all of eternity which to be honest caused me a great deal of anxiety but I am now grateful for this anxiety because it was the catalyst for more surrender and realising something much deeper.

There is only here and now and what we are looking for has always been here in plain sight.

Some call it God others call it Life, the Moment or Love. It is actually quite funny to think that God can be some place else separate to us that we need to reach when we die and go to Heaven.

Well the good news is God is so much more than our limited views/belief systems and is more intimate than the air we breathe.  God is everything and everywhere.  Omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.  God is the very life living in us and as us.  How can God be anything else.

If we can stop and let go of needing to be somewhere else, the Peace that surpasses all understanding will reveal itself.  It is always silently waiting in the background for us to return home.

We do not need to physically die to discover this truth, it is here and now and Masters like Jesus and Buddha’s teachings point to this Universal truth.  It cannot be interpreted by the mind it has to be realised in our actual living experience.

It is up to us to discover truth for ourself.  There is not a savior ‘out there’ that is going to come and save us from our ‘sins’ or life.  Heaven is this very moment and is the life that is living as you and me.

by Kimberlie | 28 September 2021