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Seeing Through the Eyes of the Heart

There has been a deeper seeing lately where I am appreciating the courage of each person. Each one of us have challenges both big and small and if we really stop to look we will have the eyes to see each other as a hero and a warrior.

I have reflected on self centeredness and times that I felt life was all about me. What I mean by this is the expectations I would place on others and the feelings of hurt and resentment I would feel if my expectations were not met.  We have no idea what each person is going through, the life they are living or the battles they are facing.  Each person is doing the best that they can and when we think someone has hurt us intentionally or has not showed up for us in the way that we have needed them to it is never personal.  We can only do what is within our capacity and according to our own personal conditioning.  

I have so much respect for the lives that are lived. The devastation and challenges that we have all showed up for and faced at times. Courageous beings we all are!  

I was listening to Krishna Das share about Ram Dass and his stroke. He explained that the stroke resulted in Ram Dass not being able to use any part of his body except for his left arm. He had to ask someone else to pretty much do everything for him.  

Krishna pointed out that this could have and probably would have crushed most people and it did shock Ram Dass for a time but Ram Dass was able to work through his circumstance and eventually come to a full acceptance.  

Krishna jokingly said “you are now the person that we thought you were 40 years ago”, Ram Dass laughed.  

What a next level teaching; profound courage, humility and surrender an inspiration to us all.  An example of where we can all aspire to live from! There is so much beauty in our challenges and life is so much kinder than we think. It is always supporting us to surrender into deeper and deeper places within ourself resulting in more trust and freedom.

I sit in awe of each one of you and remind you of the strong and courageous Beings that you all are. We can easily forget this and especially when we think we have ‘failed’.

Every ‘failure’ is like a wave. Each time it comes in to shore it takes a little more of itself back with it and eventually completely merges with the whole ocean (my beautiful and wise mentor, Susanne Marie once said this to me).  

We are continually being emptied out and dissolving over time. Surrendering more and more to the Will of the Divine.

“Not by my Will but by the Will of the Father.”

by Kimberlie | 20th June, 2020