Conscious Living Jewel


Recently I was drawn to look more deeply into hardship and what this means. 

What came out of this contemplation was a deeper appreciation for the beauty and gift of refinement that we undergo from our hardships. 
We always walk away changed in some way and this helps us to grow and evolve. 

This does not mean that I wish for myself or for others to have more difficulty in our lives. I am just suggesting that we can shift our perspective and see and appreciate our more challenging times as an opportunity to deepen, to grow and to surrender. 

Hardships refine us they empty us out. 

Layer by layer the grip of needing to be in control loosens and we start to let go of this burden.

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light”

A natural surrender starts to take place and we fall more deeply into the mystery of the unknown and life can begin to move more freely and effortlessly through us and as us. 

Empty of ‘me’ and my needs and instead filled with joy, love and compassion for the world.

by Kimberlie | 4th May, 2021