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End Times

End Times

Some are talking like we’re in end times: climate change with crazy weather, floods and fires, a global pandemic, unrest, exaggerated political polarities, growing financial inequality, and more. Such events have marked the end of civilizations.

However, we’re in a rising rather than falling age. We’re witness to a great deal of purification rather than a collapse. It is crazy on the surface, but underneath, many are making rapid spiritual progress. Thousands of people have been awakening. And some of those awake are living stages of enlightenment that have been very rare for a long time.

We’re in end times, but for suffering.

What is unresolved likes to make a fuss. It wants to be seen and experienced. If we’re attached to it, a drama can result as it rises to the surface to be experienced. It becomes part of the play of life.

As we learn to let go, our history can wash over us and complete. Our burdens can fall away and liberation from our smallness can arise.

“Phase transition. What will happen is in areas where people have drifted away from the laws of nature more, the change will be seen in a more dramatic way; in the places where the people have not shifted away from the laws of nature, there the phase transition will be mild and gentle, slipping into the sunshine of the day of the Age of Enlightenment. Gentle. We will have to see.”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This is true both personally and collectively.

This is the gift of our times. It will take time to unfold and there will be more drama to come. Old systems that no longer support will dissipate. But the light is rising through the layers of creation, pushing what needs to be healed to the surface. That may create some drama. But if we recognize it’s just a sign of transformation and we act to smooth the way, the sunshine will be increasingly obvious.