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No Self

No self

“On “No self”, there is two versions of that. 

The first and more common is the ‘no-self’ style of waking up.  In other words, the falling away of identification with the personal self into an emptiness.  Buddhists tend to frame it this way too.  I talked about the 5 ways awakening is typically experienced here:”

“The other is the “no Self” stage, which is called Brahman Consciousness in India.  This is where we transcend consciousness/ Self/ Atman into Brahman.  That’s how it’s described in the stages link above. I don’t use 2 no-self stages as it is unclear and sounds like you’re returning to Self Realisation.

I described a common way for that shift to unfold here:

“Adyashanti and Susanne Marie had a conversation on this latter step on Buddha at the Gas Pump. I discussed this and added a video of Susanne Marie here.”

“In this video, Andrew Hewson and I discussed the Brahman shift.”