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Sound Healing Session

Sound Healing Session with Harmonic Space

The intention for this sound healing is to support more stillness and peace of mind. Headphones are recommended.

You can listen to this sound healing anytime you need support in connecting to more stillness and peace.

Sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes.  Inhale slowly through your nose holding for two seconds then exhaling slowly out through your mouth. Repeat this at your own place.

Let the sound of the Crystal bowls bathe your whole body and calm down the waves of your mind.  Allow yourself to let go and relax, this is your time.

Tune into your body and notice how it feels. If you notice any tension gently place your awareness here breathing into these areas.

If you notice at any stage that your mind has drifted, gently bring your attention back to the sounds that you hear and notice your breathing. 

We hope you enjoy this session.

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Rossana, founder of Harmonic Space

I have been working with Aura-Soma since 2006 and it surprises me every time how helpful it is in supporting my clients with unblocking old patterns.  I also work with a new modality called Biofield Tuning and we supply Crystal Tone Alchemy singing bowls and a device called Sistrum which is new to the world.

After sessions with my clients their feedback is consistently that they feel lighter and more balanced.

I hope to meet you one day and it would be my pleasure and honour to be a support to you on your journey.

Much love,


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