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Terrarium Tutorial with Wender Plant

Terrarium Tutorial with Wender Plant Sydney Boutique

This tutorial is a mindfulness activity with Wender Plant Sydney on how to create our own terrarium from home. This could be a perfect lockdown activity to do with the whole family.  Wender Plant provide the DIY kits and not only would you be able to create your own terrarium from home but you would also be supporting a local Sydney business during these more challenging times.

Here are the steps to follow while you watch this time lapse video:

Step 1 – Apply the base pebbles evenly at the bottom of the container

Step 2 – Soak dried sphagnum moss into water and squish the water out before layering them onto the base pebbles. Layer the damp sphagnum moss and give a firm press.

Step 3 – Place the charcoals at the centre of the damp sphagnum moss

Step 4 – Apply soil around the charcoals

Step 5 – Arrange your plant(s)

Step 6 – Pour more soil to cover the root, give a firm press

Step 7 – Place the moss / decorative pebbles, arrange the way you like

Step 8 – Give it a clean and place the lid

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We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and get to make your own terrarium from home.  If you would like to purchase a DIY kit you can go to this website:

ISO DIY Terrarium Kits