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Susanne Marie – 2021 Easter Series

Susanne Marie

Spiritual Mentor and Writer


Susanne has been Featured in conversation with Adyashanti on Buddha at the Gas Pump as well as on Conscious TV, Susanne Marie offers teachings in support of freedom and the celebration of our common essence of love and unity with all life. 

Susanne, the parent of two young adults, offers spiritual mentoring, online and in-person group facilitation, as well as retreats.


What is the true Meaning of Easter?

Susanne:  Easter for many is a symbolic metaphor, a rebirth of life following winter. For me, Easter represents more than a metaphor, it points to the spiritual renewal of consciousness that we undergo when we release the burden of feeling separate from life. When we go through the process of healing repressed energies, a reassembly of our true being and body takes place. When you reclaim lost parts, you are recreated, and you are resurrected into life’s potentiality.

Returning to an undivided state, the revelation of the body being Divine is revealed, as we reconnect with our lost purity and innocence. The opportunity of reclaiming what has been lost, gained through hardship and transformed through wisdom, is to me, the message that Jesus (evolving into Christ), is about. Christ to me, is an example of life’s evolutionary potential: to transform that which is repressed and unconscious into wisdom, while maintaining connection to our human heart. Christ’s resurrected body is evidence of what we all are capable of: to evolve and live our potential (while in a body), both a human and divine life. This is a grace available to all.