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Fred LaMotte – 2021 Easter Series

Fred LaMotte

Author & Poet, Meditation Teacher
Interfaith College Chaplain
Instructor in World Religions


Alfred K. LaMotte (Fred) is the author of three volumes of poetry: ‘Wounded Bud,’ ‘Savor Eternity One Moment At A Time,’ and ‘The Fire of Darkness: What Burned Me Away Completely I Became,’ with Hawaiian artist Rashani Réa. Educated at Yale University and Princeton Theological Seminary, he is an interfaith college chaplain and instructor in World Religions. Fred has spent many years teaching meditation. Living near Seattle WA with his wife Anna, he loves to hike in the mountains, play tenor sax, wrestle with dogs, and gather circles for poetry and meditation. 


What is the true Meaning of Easter?

Fred:  In the “Sermon on the Mount,” Matthew 6, Jesus said: “The Eye is the light of the body… If your Eye is single, your whole body will be filled with light.” To experience this is to know the meaning of Easter. It is about the body, the body resurrected by the light of consciousness. 

This resurrection happens not in the future of chronological time (Chronos), but in cosmic time, which is always the present moment (Kairos). As St. Paul wrote, “Now is the appointed time (Kairos)!” We need to demand resurrection now.

The kingdom of heaven that Jesus points to is within us, the awakening of pure consciousness. Grace awakens this jewel, and breath polishes it. Entering the secret chamber of the heart, we find what the early Christian mystics called “the heart’s silence, free from all thought.” This silence is the only space where we can hear the resonance of God’s Word, the Logos, which pours forth as a vibration of divine light emanating from the hollow core of our being. But we need to empty ourselves completely, in the pattern of Christ. In Philippians, chapter 2, Paul tells us that Christ “emptied himself.” The beautiful Greek word is “kinosis,” self-emptying. 

Modern physics shows that the body of the universe, matter itself, arises out of emptiness. The void vibrates, and “fluctuations of the vacuum” arise to become virtual photons of light and electrons of energy. The universe is no-thing but the music of trembling silence.

When we enter deep meditation, this inner silence solidifies as a self-radiant diamond at the center of the heart. And this Christallized silence is what Jesus calls the “single Eye,” the witness of pure consciousness, beyond thinking, dreaming, and even deep sleep. 

Here is the resurrection miracle. The jewel of awakened awareness sends its rays of Christall silence into every nerve of our brain, every molecule of our blood, every cell of our flesh. No difference between “spirit” and “matter”: this body with its crows-feet and wrinkles, its tears, lymph, menstrual fluid, and all its jagged edges of bone, is made out of infinitesimal love-sparks.

To go deep into meditation is to go deep into your own flesh. You do not ascend: you come Om. And when you taste the radiance you are, right down to your marrow, you experience Easter. You enter the empty tomb of silence and come out singing with illuminated flesh. This is your birthright. You are the garden: Christ is the Spring. Yet the real beauty is, as you burst open, your blossoming envelopes others in the healing diamond rays of your heart.

Why do we postpone this transformation, as if it will happen in a higher world, or after death? Now is the appointed time.