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Samantha Corrie – 2021 Easter Series

Samantha Corrie

Spiritual Teacher and Mentor
Shamanic Practitioner and Healer


Sam is recognised worldwide for her gentle and profound healing / mentoring and teaching techniques. 

By creating sacred space – whether face to face, remotely or on-line – Sam opens doors for folk to step through, as they step beyond their current shore of understanding to seek and find their inner truth and personal medicine.  

Through shamanic journeying, guided visualisation, soul retrieval, story-telling, women’s workshops, weekly meditation classes and sacred circles, Sam energetically walks with her clients and students as they weed their soul’s garden, befriend the dragon, unearth their inner sacred sites, welcome home lost and fragmented soul parts and ultimately come home to the TRUTH that lives in their heart.


What is the true Meaning of Easter?

Sam:  The Easter story is full of symbolism and meaning. It invites our hearts to reflect upon what death means, what true friendship means, what honour means, how we are betrayed by others and ourselves, the role of females in society, and the importance of balancing the divine male and divine female energies within us. 

What I write here is an Easter blessing from my heart to yours.

May the true meaning of Easter gift us with permission to go deep into our own desert of wildness, temptation and solitude, 

may it invite us to meet with the “snakes” of temptations, of addictions, of ego

may it challenge what we believe to be right and what we know to be right

may it gift us the opportunity released of distractions to go deeply into our emotions as we purge, yell, cry out and be held.

May it encourage us to feel the Father above us (the sky) as we are supported by the Mother below us (the Earth)

May it encourage us to feel the energies of both through our being as we honour the role each part plays in our lives

May it invite us to consider what we have betrayed in our lives – ourselves, friendships, our integrity, our honour, our words.

May it question us as it asks us “why do we choose betrayal over honesty?”

May it invite us to ponder at what cost do we sell our souls (or our friends) so that we can fit in and feel “safe” 

May it invite us to step up in our idea of friendship – to others and to ourselves. 

May it invite us to be honest, to be truthful, to be real. 

May it invite us to be protective, to be kind, to be authentic.

May it speak to us of forgiveness and what it means when we forgive ourselves, and then our loved ones.

May it invite us to see the duality in ourselves – the part of ourselves that betrays ourselves to the “snakes” / temptations of society and

the parts of ourselves that will protect our heart and soul no matter what.

May it give us permission to hold onto our truth and help us release the need to conform and be complicit.

May Easter invite us to honour the images of the Goddess within our lives

the virgin, the innocent, the giver of life, (Mother Mary) 

the passionate, the sensual, the “untamed” and wild (Mary Magdelene)

May in doing so it also connect us to the healing, nurturing, strong, gentle, protective, wise qualities of the Divine Feminine.

May it invite us to go deep within the tomb / womb of Mother Earth to be still, to heal, to reflect

May we know, in going deep into the womb, that in that darkness we are held by the Wise One / the Crone / the ancestors as we realign ourselves for our next birth / resurrection. 

May it reinforce in us that when we do go deep within our “tomb”, a constant vigil is held by the Goddess until we are ready to emerge and be reborn again.

May the blessing of Easter remind us that death, rebirth and life are present in our lives 

each day in the turning of the sun

each month, in the turning of the moon

each changing phase of the seasons

and in each moon bleed of a woman. 

May the message of Easter gift us with permission to talk openly about death, about our deeper connection to the Earth, about the natural duality in the earth and about our fears and hopes.

May it invite us to give honour to the unspoken feelings within – heartache, sorrow, anger, fear, shame, persecution, misjudgment, torment, loneliness, friendship and most importantly love.

May it connect us more to our inner truth and our deepest fears in a way that is profoundly held and deeply healing

and may it bless us and hold us

beyond the days of Easter

into the days and nights of our whole life.

Until we meet 

Blessed be