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Sarah Taylor – 2021 Easter Series

Sarah Taylor

Spiritual Guide, Writer and Performer


Sarah is a mystic who wears many hats (metaphorically only, as she tends to look weird in hats) and is a stand up comedian, actor, spiritual catalyst, and awakening guide. Her teachings, support, and expression are rooted in the embrace of our inherent wholeness. Sarah has been interviewed on BATGAP, has given a TEDx Talk, and offers shows, meetings, and one on one sessions with transmission.


What is the true Meaning of Easter?

Sarah:  I can speak to what Easter evokes in me.

I see Easter as a celebration of the possibility for us to embody Christ in our lives, no matter our religious or spiritual orientation.

The story of Jesus can be taken as a reflection of the path of awakening. As we wake up to the truth of what we are, more fully and deeply, we reach points where we let go so completely it feels like a death. 

It’s no longer a choice to let go. Letting go is what’s happening whether we like it or not! We cannot hold onto to anything. Everything is being stripped away; the ways of being that keep us contained, our life as we’ve known it, those we’ve counted on, our sense of self. 

Even our relationship with God dissolves into seeming nothingness. 

When this happens we can begin to find what is beyond our concepts of God. 

In Vedanta this place-less place is known as Brahman. In Buddhism it’s called the ground. 

Brahman is known as “the devourer” because everything we’ve relied on slips through our fingers. We can feel forsaken. The ground of being contains everything yet hangs on to no thing. 

We’ve all experienced what feels like a dark night, one in which we have no idea how there could be life after what we have lost. 

If we trust this path and have faith in all those who have walked it, what we find beyond the known is extraordinary. We are free. And we are here. We are resurrected as something fresh, while simultaneously living as that which cannot die. We have gone beyond – “gone beyond the beyond”, as the Heart Sutra says.  

We find we were never separate from the Divine.

Jesus was an incredible being and his life and teachings live on, guiding us deeper into our true, undivided nature. He showed us that we can live as the transcendent Spirit we are, right here on this earth. In the world, yet not of it.