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Shakti Caterina Maggi – 2021 Easter Series

Shakti Caterina Maggi

Spiritual Teacher and Author


Shakti is a spiritual guide and author, who offers the teaching of an authentic embodiment of awakening through our everyday life. Her work is a bridge between ancient mysticism and contemporary spirituality, using meditation as a powerful tool for self transformation.

For the past twenty years she has been sharing the possibility of awakening to our true nature and the experience of non-separation amongst all living beings with thousands of people worldwide, through conferences, seminars and retreats.

Inspired by the ancient Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and the non-dual tantric tradition, Shakti shares a very contemporary approach to self recognition with clarity, wisdom and humor. Her focus is on radical compassion, global awakening and the integration of spirituality in all dimensions of our life.


What is the true Meaning of Easter?

Shakti:  Easter is a time of celebrating our liberation, no matter what our religion or beliefs are. It is a moment to remember our dying to the false self, letting go of all layers of identities that cover our natural Openess. And then living from truth, in such an authentic way that we don’t need to know what it is… it is just unfolding moment by moment. We are this living Mystery.

We die and we are reborn many times in our lifetime, all the times that parts of the conditioning is let go of. Those moments of crisis can become an incredible moment of transformation if we are open to let fear burn in the name of truth. It is not a self sacrifice made of the compromises we are used to. It is a time where all compromises are finally over and we are ready to face ourselves and love completely.

This is the way towards an authentic life: those deaths and resurrections are all the times in which we can open up more and more to our true nature.

The Mystical symbol of the cross means exactly this: the meeting in the heart of the verticality of Eternity and the horizontal place of time and space. In the Heart we are truly human and truly divine and we can finally explore our true potentiality as human beings.

Let’s not be afraid of meeting then those dark moments, that are nothing but the dawning of a new life.