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Joel, Full Dawn Circle – 2021 Easter Series


Founder of Full Dawn Circle
Spiritual Mentor and Guide


For over 40 years Joel has explored the depths of spiritual practice. When he came to experience the Divine Source beyond Pure Conscious Being, beyond Oneness, his journey took a new turn. He received some special abilities and tools to assist others in awakening to their Divine nature.

Joel advocates that the path to peace, joy, and awakening is facilitated by spiritual practice that promotes natural effortless surrender — a surrender untainted by mindful vigilance or concentration. This aligns us with the Divine and Its Presence, and prepares us for the Divine Grace of Awakening.

Joel appears in the documentary film “Oneness: Journey of Awakening,” and has been interviewed by Kimberlie of Conscious Living Jewel. He founded Full Dawn Circle ( to guide and support spiritual seekers on their unique paths. You can reach him through the contact page on the Full Dawn Circle website.


What is the true Meaning of Easter?

Joel: As an outsider to organized religion, especially Western religions, my perspective about the meaning of Easter is uninformed by religious beliefs and teachings.  So when I consider the meaning of Easter, I relate to the concept of Resurrection as the restoring of spiritual life to humanity.

I view the true meaning of Resurrection as spiritual renewal through spiritual birth.  Our spiritual birth.  Humanity of the Western world had lost its way, and had lost the knowledge of our true spiritual nature as eternal souls of Divine origin.  

Jesus came to reintroduce the way to spiritual birth and renewal.  He showed and taught how we could move past our ignorance towards our spiritual birth.  The way to which Jesus pointed was through recognizing the truth of the Divine and our Divine destiny to live in the understanding and direct experience of All Existence as One in the Divine.  He encouraged us to align with the Divine, open to Its Presence, and prepare to receive Its Grace.

In his soul’s incarnation as Jesus, he personified, or embodied, the Christ light, a light born of the Divine, which is transformative through the frequency of unconditional love, and which radiates out from the Divine Heart of Being.  It is a form of Divine Grace.  And this Divine Grace, as transmitted through the vehicle of his human form, touched and galvanized his followers to seek alignment with the Divine, and to begin their process of spiritual birth.

The Christ light is not unique to Jesus, or his soul.  That light is universal, and here with us today.  At every moment.  Everywhere around us.  Illuminating all of Existence.  But this is only a belief until we are blessed with a glimpse of it.

By aligning with the Divine through spiritual practice of natural, effortless, spontaneous surrender, we prepare ourselves to receive Divine Grace, and open to the Christ light.  And it is through this process of preparation that Divine Grace confers on us the Awakening of spiritual birth.  We come to recognize our Divine origin, and we progress to greater and greater alignment with the Divine Itself on a spiritual journey for which we know no end.

Those who saw the Resurrection of Jesus thought they were seeing him be reborn from the dead.  But what they saw was his great soul, appearing to them as his physical form, returning home to the abode of Benevolent Divine Beings in the high heavens, having completed his mission on Earth to present a new model of living for humanity — that it is possible to align with the Divine and live in peace, love, joy and harmony, instead of living in an ego-based society drowning in judgment, suppression, manipulation, greed, and selfishness.

So the meaning of Easter, as I see it, is to remember that we are souls of Divine origin traversing lives until we discover the value of engaging in a path of spiritual unfoldment that aligns us with the Divine, opens us to Divine Presence, and prepares us for the Divine Grace of Awakening.  Then we can live in growing peace, love, joy, and harmony in the light of the Divine.