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Interview / Full Dawn Circle

Interview 01. Joel, founder of Full Dawn Circle, Spiritual Mentor & Guide

Spiritual Awakening

Joel shares his experience of the different stages of spiritual awakenings that he has experienced. He also explains from his perspective the difference between spiritual awakening and enlightenment, does the ego still function after awakening, challenges of awakening and what could help support someone in their own awakening process. Joel also shares some of the spiritual gifts that he received as a result of his awakenings and the type of support work that he offers to people.

“For over forty-five years, Joel has explored the depths of spiritual practice, and experienced many of the transformations described in the great spiritual texts. In this process, he was also blessed with some special abilities, and was encouraged by the Divine to be of service to spiritual seekers.

Drawn to spirituality at a young age, but without a clear direction, it was not until the age of 20 that direction came in the form of Vedic meditation, Transcendental Meditation, which provided him with a regular spiritual practice and introduced him to Indian philosophy and teachings — exactly what he was seeking.

Many years after his Awakening, Joel came to the astonishing recognition of the formless, absolute Body of the Divine, the source beyond all Existence, the source beyond the field of Consciousness, and had to drop many concepts and beliefs he was still carrying. This put him on a journey of simply exploring what IS, letting go of many “why” questions.

It was as he matured in this realization that he was given special abilities to help others on their spiritual journey. Joel shares these and other abilities, and insights and the wisdom conferred on him, to support and inspire others on their progressive path of awakening to their Divine nature.

Through Full Dawn Circle Joel provides resources to align with the Divine, to open to the light of Divine Presence, to prepare for the Divine Grace of Awakening, and to experience the peace, love and joy that arise in the process.

No single formula suits everyone. For those who seek his personal guidance, Joel helps them identify what may best serve them going forward at this point on their spiritual path.

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