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Interview / Samantha Corrie ​

Interview 02. Samantha Corrie, Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Sam is recognised worldwide for her gentle and profound healing / mentoring and teaching techniques. 

By creating sacred space – whether face to face, remotely or on-line – Sam opens doors for folk to step through, as they step beyond their current shore of understanding to seek and find their inner truth and personal medicine.  

Through shamanic journeying, guided visualisation, soul retrieval, story-telling, women’s workshops, weekly meditation classes and sacred circles, Sam energetically walks with her clients and students as they weed their soul’s garden, befriend the dragon, unearth their inner sacred sites, welcome home lost and fragmented soul parts and ultimately come home to the TRUTH that lives in their heart.

Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval – In this interview Sam shares what Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval mean to her and how she came to offer this type of work.  Sam also shares some of her own journey and touches on the gift of brokenness, vulnerability as a strength, living with an open heart and dropping into more acceptance and trust.

Sam’s website:

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval in Sam’s words:

“I begin with a story….

Once upon a time, in the depths of your heart, you held a magnificent basket.

A basket that was so exquisite, so detailed, so finely made and so pure that it “shone with a glow of magic.”

Then one day, your basket broke..


fell apart

and all that was held within it was unable to be contained and securely held –

your dreams,

your hopes,

your health

your passions

and visions –

these slowly fell away

out of your basket.

And a new life of ill health, lethargy, addictions, depression, hopelessness and emptiness came upon you

You began to grow “old”,

old in your spirit

old in your heart

old in your health,

and while hanging on by core fibres, your basket was essentially broken.

Broken and fragmented by trauma

by life

by grief.

And while in this state, you “lived” as best you could

functioning to your now new way of working

you knew that if only someone could help you REWEAVE YOUR BASKET WITH THE FIBRES THAT ARE YOURS,

you would feel whole once again.

This is SOUL LOSS…

it is when the fibers of your being are fragmented, lost, broken

it is when, because of trauma you feel separate from life and distant from the world.

It is when the Raven of Truth watches over you,

yet all you can see is darkness and despair.

Soul Loss is a spiritual illness that causes dis-ease.

It is when the soul becomes fragmented and lost, lost because of trauma, illness, shock, sickness and or pain, and needs guidance, healing and help to return home.

It is when, due to trauma, we cut away at our inner landscape, we fear nature, we hurt nature and we become unaware of our energetic footprint on the earth.

Soul loss for some people can cause the following symptoms:

Immune deficiency
Turning to addictive behaviours
Memory loss
Isolation and mood swings
Change in sleep patterns
Feeling ungrounded/ ‘not here’
Feeling depleted/empty

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to seek mental health or general health advice if your symptoms are overpowering or debilitating. Working in partnership in your healing is honourable and humbling.

Through breath work, visualisation and journeying, you will be encouraged 

  • to prepare your inner landscape for the return of your soul parts, 
  • to clean your basket of the old cellular / genetic / ancestral pain, 

  • to meet the Basket Weaver, the Medicine Woman and a Power Animal who will help you mend your basket, remind you of your true essence and guide you to find your soul parts in a way that is gentle and yet deeply empowering. 

  • to understand the role your ancestors have played in your pain and your healing.

This beautiful process is completed over a series of healing / mentoring sessions.  Guiding and encouraging your heart and soul to be whole once again.

When we consciously choose to have a Soul Retrieval and consciously choose to heal on such a cellular level, we create a new vibration for ourselves and the wider world in which we live. A vibration that says we choose to be whole, we choose to deeply care for ourselves and we choose to remember.. remember who we really are when we are whole once again.”