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Chelan Harkin

Poetry reading by Chelan Harkin, Mystic Poet & Author 

Chelan writes poetry that is mystical and ecstatic in nature. She writes to remind you of your joy, to assist you in reconsidering ways of relating to your life that better serves to open your heart,, to deconstruct anything about God that doesn’t feel close, intimate, authentic, and warm, and to remind your soul to break the surface and take a breath.

Chelan has published two poetry books, ‘Susceptible to Light’ and her new release ‘Let us Dance’ and has been compared to mystic poets such as Rumi and Hafiz. 

You can also watch a recent interview of Chelan on the Buddha at the Gas Pump show:

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A More Loving Candidate

As you’re recovering
from the old, dying god
we’ve inherited
from our forefathers
that hasn’t served you,
as we all are,

and the boss of your heart
has finally gained the courage
to be open to hire
a more loving candidate
for Lord of The Universe—
this time around
it’s time to get
some standards:

This time, make sure God
feel like a close sister
holding you on your worst days.

Insist that God be big enough
for the full range of your collapse.

Tell this God
She must be available
to buoy your joy.

You’re tired of being shamed
and gaslit
by the Creator,
creating us imperfect
and then blaming us for it.

Tell Her you’ve long deserved something better.

You want Her to be as attentive
as each breath,
you want Her to be your watering hole,
a place where your soul
can reliably drink.

No more hiding your heart
and tiptoeing
around some myth
of Divine wrath.

Let it be known
you’re no longer afraid
to hurt God’s feelings
with your truth,
and quite frankly
the fragile/abusive old god paradigm
could stand to grow
in resilience.

Announce that you’re tired
of being a martyr
and ready to pull life close
to tell it exactly what you want.

It’s time to set some boundaries:
Tell Her you’re not looking for a rebound
and if She doesn’t have the qualifications
you’re looking for

you’ll settle for celestial anarchy

until you until you find
the right fit.

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