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Susanne Marie

Evolution Course with Susanne Marie


Part 1: What is Life asking of us?

An eight-week, evolution-themed course focusing on five topics vital to helping support our growth and deepening during this time of uncertainty:

~ Wakefulness: Accessing and stabilizing connection to the still and timeless reality of your Being in order to support abiding freedom in the midst of all circumstances.
~ Heart-fullness: Connecting and deepening within the unconditional nature of your heart.
~ Openness: Allowing for change to occur – the shifting and dismantling of identity.
~ Harmonization: The deep listening it takes to re-organize yourself in relation to life; learning how to develop inner harmony, which will translate into outer harmony for the whole.
~ Remembrance – Moving Beyond Me/Mine: Moving beyond the illusion and pain that separation causes. This is the evolutionary call of the times, direly needed for our survival as well as the continuance of many species.

Part 2: Deepening into Life

A 6-week online course focusing on the opportunity to evolve, deepen, remember, & harmonize.

Together we explore what it means to truly stop and rest within, regardless of what is taking place on the outside.

It is vitally important to establish a state of harmony within the body, as well as within the body of the whole, as the outer reflects our inner state of consciousness (including what we are holding that is unconscious and unprocessed within). The world reflects our inner state of consciousness: “As within, so without,” is a law of nature.

These courses are recorded and available to participate at any time. To find out more information you can go to this link:

The Journey from Self-Centered Conscious to No-Self.

“Using Bernadette Roberts’ map as a way to understand the spiritual journey, Susanne Marie describes the evolution from self-centred consciousness to No-self.

Everything Returns Back to the Unborn.

Source is beyond all attributes, and everything returns back to the unborn, including consciousness.”

“Oneness” Documentary Film

The trailer for the documentary film “Oneness”. 

“This is a film about the change of human consciousness – from separation and suffering towards oneness, love and happiness. More and more people are on the journey of awakening, beginning to realize they are more than their body and personality. The film portrays seven individuals from the USA (including Susanne Marie) with their experiences of unity taking us on a journey toward inner happiness. The interviews are interwoven with images of awe-inspiring natural oneness.”


Like children, we are innocent in touching upon our essential nature. We don’t need a Buddha to remind us of what we are in truth. In so many ways, nature supports our remembering what may have been forgotten. We are innocent, we are pure, we are beautiful, and we are strong. We are resilient even amidst life’s hardships. We are One with all creation, and remembering this truth is always available to us. Whether it is a buddha, a saint, a beloved pet, your neighbor, or a tree, anything and everything is a mirror of your own inherent beauty. Look deep into your own heart, there you will find what you~ Susanne Marie

I Know the Taste of Dirt

Gravity and the buffeting winds of life are marinating me. 

Softening my defenses as I learn to inhabit my body.

I am so grateful for time as it gives me this exquisite opportunity to ripen into ever deeper seeing, feeling, and experiencing.

Long ago I discovered that I came here to know you, Mother. 

What a privilege it is to be wrapped in divine flesh, time flowing in my veins as I learn your laws, and awaken as spirit in form.

At times I feel drunk in awe, wishing to shake others awake with the desire to share in the celebration.

While at other times I feel heavy with sorrow as I know the suffering that is part and parcel of this human journey.

Beauty and pain each are a wing on my shoulders. Side by side we walk as I learn to open to it all, recognizing the sacredness and beauty inherent within all experience.

I know the taste of dirt as I have been crushed over and over. I can sincerely say that it is just as sublime as the taste of soma descending from heaven.

I am made of dirt and the divine nectar soma. Sorrow and joy are both aspects of myself, neither one being higher or lower. In this knowing I am redeemed and made whole.

~ Susanne Marie