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Living a life of harmony is an inward journey.  Do you have a desire to heal and transform?  Is there a deep yearning to discover who you really are?  It is through this discovery and transforming from the inside out that we can live a harmonious life.

We are passionate about healing and living our authentic truth.  Healing is a process that takes courage, commitment and a lot of love & patience.  Alchemy happens when we bring our awareness into the body and allow ourself to feel our emotions instead of ignoring or pushing them away. 

Truth is discovered through our direct experience.  It cannot be understood through our minds interpretation or it’s belief systems.  It requires an authentic, sincere commitment and a willingness to die to all that we have previously known.

As our internal world alchemises our external world transforms.  It is true what they say ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’.  Our relationship to ourself and to life is renewed.  We become more aligned and in the flow with life, living with less resistance.  Empowering us to live a happier, healthier and more content life.

Wellness starts from within and here you will find resources that support the mind, body & soul as you make your ‘journey’ back home to inner health and wholeness.  We are happy to have you join our community and you can sign up to our mailing list to receive our newsletter, interviews and upcoming events!

With love, Conscious Living Jewel!

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Living one’s potential of being in harmony with life, requires a sincere dedication to truth. The journey of spirituality is not only the undoing of conditioning which no longer serves, but is an education in how to align with truth.  This takes place by honouring and responding to what we know in any given moment.  When we honour what we know to be true (big and small things), we enter truth’s stream.   And while life does not necessarily conform to what we always want, we learn to live in harmony with what is: as nature intended. 

~ Susanne Marie, Spiritual Mentor and Writer