Issue 06 – Conscious Living Jewel

Issue 06



Explore a diverse array of topics aimed at nurturing your mind, body and soul. From Carla Lombardo’s insightful piece on embracing life’s changes to a channeled message from Ascended Master Amaya on the expansion of your light body, each article offers a unique perspective on personal growth and spiritual awakening.


Delve into an interview with Dani Antman as she discusses Kundalini, the force of spiritual awakening and gain valuable insights from Dr. Nicole Gruel on spiritual health. Tracy Moane sheds light on the power of hypnotherapy for managing anxiety and panic attacks, while Ishtar explores high strangeness and spiritual discovery through Awakened Light Astrology.


Discover the artistry of Chelsea, ‘The Seedpod Lady,’ as she reveals nature’s hidden gems and journey with Jenny Winstanley as she explores the rewilding of a modern city. Additionally, indulge in plant-based recipes by Chef Isabel Ometto and learn tips to improve your sleep from Tobey Wilder, a certified practicing nutritionist.


Explore the benefits of Pilates with Claire Stephens and discover strategies for slowing down the aging process with Dermal Clinician and Owner of Skin Clinic Blyss, Jodie King.


We hope these articles inspire and empower you on your journey towards holistic wellness and personal transformation.