Issue 01 – Conscious Living Jewel

Issue 01



This season we have valuable insights, tips and guidance on how to cultivate a more fulfilling life, both mentally and physically.


This includes articles, interviews, and features that cover a range of topics related to spirituality and wellness. We hope you enjoy this edition.


  • Beauty Tips Summer
  • Skincare
  • Salt Lakes & Solitude of Curtain Springs
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Weight Loss & The Power of Hypnotherapy
  • Plant-based Christmas Recipes
  • Mocktail Recipes
  • Immune System Health
  • Daily Stretching
  • The Sense of ā€œIā€
  • Embracing Your Creative Soul
  • Awakened Light Astrology
  • Creating A Sacred Space In Your Home
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Everyday Life with Gaia

*Only available in the digital version