Issue 03 – Conscious Living Jewel

Issue 03



Immerse yourself in channeled messages, rejuvenate your skin, foster healthy relationships, experience healing and awakening, indulge in delightful winter recipes, explore transformative travel destinations, elevate your well-being with top-notch products, learn astrology, stay updated on the latest makeup trends, receive expert nutrition advice, and embrace the transformative power of yoga.


Embark on a soulful journey to enlightenment and holistic wellbeing with us.


Contents Include:


  • Channeled Message with Ascended Master Amaya
  • The Heart as A Portal with Spiritual Teacher and Psychotherapist John Prendergast Ph.D
  • Awakened Light Astrology with Ishtar
  • Q&A with Dr. Nicole Gruel
  • BBL Photo Rejuvenation with Dermal Clinician, Jodie King
  • The “Cold Girl” Trend with Make-Up Artist, Camilla Leary
  • The Briny and The Beautiful Bruny Island, Tasmania
  • Winter Recipes with Burbury Whole Foods
  • Foods That Help Our Mood with Clinical Nutritionist, Tobey Wilder
  • Special Feature with One Hot Yoga
  • Can I Really Have Long-Term Happiness? – Understanding How To Maintain Health And Longevity In Your Relationship
  • Discover Chocolate as Medicine With Jordan Cohayney, Owner of The Cacao Club Australia

*Only available in the digital version